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Air-conditioning fans can refrigeration

Le 18 July 2014, 05:34 dans Humeurs 0

Now popular on the market with a new type of refrigeration machine, air-conditioning fans, air-conditioning fans refrigeration, then?Many people, perhaps, for he is a more or less doubt, small make up also can think air-conditioning fans refrigeration?Solid made some investigations, a simple made a air-conditioning fans can refrigeration? This question, has not forget to give out.

Air-conditioning fans is actually a equipped with water cooling device for home of the electric fan, by the built-in pump the water inside the machine cycle to the surrounding air cooling, in this way, by the wind blades have the feeling of cold.The personage inside course of study is called physical energy storage refrigeration.However, the cold wind cold is limited, at best, but lower than the environment temperature for 3-5 degrees Celsius (FengKouChu), and air conditioning if a never-ending, FengKouChu temperature only 10-12 degrees Celsius, more than 20 degrees than the environment temperature is low, so, hope to rely on air-conditioning fans keep constant comfortable room temperature leads to a Xia Qingliang consumers, I'm afraid I will be a little disappointed.

Air-conditioning fans, in essence, belong to the category of the fan, and fan is also electronic refrigeration.Because of its shape looks like a tiny cabinet air conditioning, including water pump can make the air is cooled in water cycle, blow out below room temperature of the air cooling was thus named air-conditioning fans.Now appeared usage of air-conditioning fans, as well as cooling and heating, air conditioning effect.

Have affinity, first of all, the price is the price is in commonly 300 yuan - 700 yuan between, if single refrigeration, the price will be cheap, 100 yuan to 200 yuan, air-conditioning fans always just 60 ~ 80 watts of power consumption, with the average fan consumes about the same, although can't really reach the effect of air conditioning refrigeration, but than blowing blowing into a hot air fan can be much better.And indoor air conditioning in summer, the dry air, air-conditioning fans and water and ice crystals, can improve the temperature can keep the humidity.Especially for older people, air-conditioning fans of the wind is very gentle, just right.

Learned, air-conditioning fans buyers mostly focused on the single working-class and outsiders, room air-conditioning fans not enough use, center and consumption level, and air conditioning is too expensive for them.Now everyone knows air-condition disease is how to return a responsibility, know to stay for a long time in air conditioning room can produce all kinds of dizziness, memory loss and other symptoms.The weakness and air-conditioning fans for air conditioning, installation of anion generator, negative ions to carry oxygen, and can achieve clean air to improve air quality.

Look from the regulation of air supply, both in the tower fan and air-conditioning fans, can flip card and internal air supply system to achieve 90-360 - degree angles air supply, air volume is given priority to with gentle wind.This avoids excessive blowing the effects on the human body health, especially suitable for the body weak and middle-aged and old friends.Warm feeling electric fan is also the health function of a breakthrough, through intelligent temperature feeling system, can be independently regulate the function of the size of the air.Users can set a temperature, when the room temperature below the set temperature, the fan will automatically reduce the wind speed and air volume, and at room temperature, the lower the smaller wind speed and air volume, until shutdown;When the room temperature rises, the fan will automatically boot air supply.Solved because night room temperature drop after the fan is still maintained a larger volume constant, the disadvantages of the human body is easy to catch cold catch cold cause a cold, guarantee the health of consumers.

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Focus on: how to prevent air-condition disease!

Le 15 July 2014, 05:27 dans Humeurs 0

1. Is the use of high quality air conditioning must pay attention to ventilation, every day should be regularly open the window and close the air conditioner, air take a breath, keep indoor fresh air, and had better once every two weeks cleaning the air conditioner.
2. Go out from the air conditioning environment, should be in a cool place first activity for a moment, after the body adapt to activity to the sun;If long-term in the air conditioning room, should be to outdoor activities, drink more boiled water, accelerate the metabolism of the body.

3. Is the air conditioning room temperature and natural outdoor temperature shoulds not be too large, with no more than 5 degrees advisable, sleep at night it is best not to use air conditioning, sleep closed when air conditioning is more safe, before going to bed in outdoor activities, promote the blood circulation, prevent luxury air-condition disease.
4. The work is in the air conditioning environment, learning, don't let the noise of air vents cold wind blowing directly in the body, sweating when had better not met, blow a cold wind over directly so cool too fast, it is easy to disease.
5. Is forbidden smoking indoors.
6. Is often should keep skin clean sanitation, this is because the frequented air conditioning environment, cold and hot mutation, skin adhesion of bacteria easily in the sweat glands and sebaceous glands block, cause infection fester, reason should often take a bath, to keep the skin clean.
7. Is the use of disinfectants to kill and to prevent the growth of microorganisms.
8 is addition desiccant, prevent bacterial growth.
Is 9. Don't open air conditioning in the stillness of the car, in case the car engine discharge of carbon monoxide return the car accident, namely carbon monoxide poisoning.
10. The workplace is pay attention to clothing, should meet the requirements of air conditioning in the environment to keep warm.
11 open air conditioning to 26 degrees Celsius above, energy saving, not easy to sick.
Air-condition disease prevention is mainly the above 10, if appear cold fever, pneumonia, mouth eye askew, to please the doctor diagnosis and treatment in time.

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Building materials radionuclide limited schedule

Le 9 July 2014, 09:45 dans Humeurs 0

1, scope

This standard stimulates the natural radionuclides in building materials tile for wall of radium - 226 and thorium - 232, k - 40 radioactive specific activity limit and test method.This standard applies to build all kinds of buildings used by the inorganic nonmetal materials, including mineral building materials industrial waste residue.

2, terms and definitions of the following term nuclear definition is applicable to this standard.

2.1, building materials building materials

This standard of building materials is to point to: used to build all kinds of buildings used by the inorganic nonmetallic materials.This standard building materials can be divided into: building materials and decoration materials.

2.1.1, building main body material is the main materials for building

Used to build buildings used by the principal part of the project construction materials.Including: cement and concrete products, concrete, brick, tile, prefabricated concrete, brick, wall insulation materials, industrial waste residue, mixed building materials industrial waste residue, and various kinds of new wall materials, etc.

2.1.2, decoration materials decorative materials

Used for indoor and outdoor building facing with building material.Including: granite, building ceramics, gypsum products, condole top material, paint and other new facing material, etc.

2.2 building, building

For human life, work, production or other activities of a house or indoor Spaces.According to different buildings use, this standard will be divided into two categories, civil buildings and industrial buildings.

2.2.1, civil building civil building

For human living, working, learning, entertainment, shopping and other buildings.This standard civil buildings can be divided into the following two categories:

Ⅰ civil construction, such as residential, senile apartment, nurseries, hospitals and schools, etc

Ⅱ civil construction, such as shopping malls, stadiums, bookstore, hotel, office building, library, cultural entertainment, exhibition hall and public transportation waiting room, etc.

2.2.2, industrial building industrial building

For human production activities of buildings.Such as production workshop, packing workshop, maintenance workshop and warehouse.

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